The Disney Store Tricks and Treats for Halloween 2019

The Disney Store Tricks and Treats for Halloween 2019

When recently visiting The Disney Store, I noticed that there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of Halloween Decor or Costumes. I was actually surprised that they had a more limited selection of items with an outstanding quality, rather than a larger assortment of mediocre merchandise. They really focused on Minnie and Mickey along with The Nightmare Before Christmas. There were some Haunted Mansion themed items and costumes as well, not surprising considering it the 50th Anniversary of The Haunted Mansion this year. Overall I would say I was delighted with The Disney Store for Halloween 2019. I will mention they already had a section devoted to Christmas, which I thought was a little early, but I guess for some it’s never too early for Christmas.

In Store Haunted Halloween Party Every Saturday in October
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